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This pledge application is for my friend drkangel150. She is one of my good friends....and is also a friend of industrikitty. :) I think she would make an excellent pledge.

Favorite Music (Include Artists):Marilyn Manson,Eminem,alot of different types....just depends on my mood.
Favorite Movies:Kevin Smith movies,8 mile,Vanilla Sky,etc.
Favorite Books:The Vampire Lestat
When you look back, what is one defining moment that you believ changed your life...or could have changed your life had you made another decision? The day I met Donnie.(see below)
Who is the one person who has most influenced you and helped mold you into the person you are today? That would be Donnie.I honestly don't think I'd be the person I am today without him.He helps me be me...he encourages me and is always there if I fall on my ass.
What do you hope to accomplish within the next ten years of your life? I hope to do something...that makes me happy....I hope to be settled down,and I hope to have a nice career.
If you were the president, what is one thing you would or would not have done? I don't think I would have declared war.
Why do YOU believ you should be a pledge for IMB? I just wanna have fun.
What makes you unique? What about you would cause us to consider you an asset to IMB? I'm just your average freak.=)
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